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Role of Generative AI in Consumer Marketing

Live streamed on: 13th Feb 2024
Registrations: 693 (Linkedin)

In this podcast we delve into the dynamic landscape of consumer marketing and the pivotal role of Generative AI. From its fundamental principles to real-world applications, we navigated through the nuances of leveraging AI for marketing. Gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies to propel your marketing initiatives into the future with Generative AI as your wingman. Tune in now!

What we covered

  1. Introduction to Generative AI and its Applications in Marketing 

  2. How to get started with GenerativeAI in Marketing

  3. Future Implications and actionable insights

Power  Speakers

Marco Andre.jpg
Dr Suren Movsisyan.jpg

Global Head of Marketing and GenAI Excellence
Novartis - Switzerland

Founder, CTO, CMO Aigorithm
Forbes 30u30
Copenhagen, Denmark

Marco Andre

Dr. Suren Movsisyan

AI and the Future of Work

Live streamed on: 8th Jan 2024
Registrations:  871 (Linkedin)

Your work story is yours to write & AI is becoming a pivotal character in this story. Will it be your ally or your adversary? We unpack the present and the future in this podcast.

What we covered

1. The Rise of AI in the Workplace

2. Impacts of AI on Jobs

3 Embracing the Future of Work: Strategies and Recommendations

Power  Speakers

dr Martha.jpg

Dr Martha Boeckenfeld

Top 100 Women of the Future | Web3 Advisor & Investor | UN Peace Ambassador | Founder marthaverse

andrea Isoni.jpg

Andrea Isoni PhD

Chief AI Officer at AI technologies
AI speaker
London, UK

Crafting Tomorrow's FinTech with Decentralised Finance

Dive into the transformative realm of DeFi, where blockchain reshapes finance and presents both challenges and opportunities. How will you navigate this dynamic financial landscape? Tune in to the podcast

What we covered

1. Defi as different from TradFi and is potential

2. Deep dive into Defi protocols, applications and use cases 

3. The future of Defi - hype or reality

Live streamed on: 14th Dec 2024
Registrations: 517 (Linkedin)

Power  Speakers

Kevin Lepsoe.jpg

Kevin Lepsoe

Founder and CEO
Infinity Exchange - Institutional Lending Protocol | x Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital
Honk Kong


Mauricio Magaldi

web3 adoption catalyst, Product @ IOHK Midnight, Podcast Host @ Blockchain Insider and BlockDrops | ex IBM, HSBC, Citi
London, UK

How web3 is Revolutionising Real Estate Ownership

Live streamed on: 23rd Sep 2023
Registrations: 464 (Linkedin)

In this podcast we talk to two amazing founders who are leveraging web3 to democratise access to real estate by taking two very different approaches. One of them is fractionalising Real Estate in the US while the other is helping the unbanked unlock value from their lands in the remote parts of Uganda! Tune in and be amazed!

What we covered

1. Challenges and motivations behind these innovative solutions 

2. Technologies and Protocols that are powering this transformation

3. The future of Real Estate ownership with emerging technologies

Power  Speakers

Matthew Schnider.jpg

Matthew Schneider

Co-Founder CEO  e-States
Greater Milwaukee, USA

Darius Golkar.jpg

Darius Golkar

Founder and CEO Commonlands
San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Building Brands in the web3 Realm

In this podcast we embark on a journey into the dynamic realm of virtual brand engagement with our expert-led discussion. Delve deep into strategies for redefining customer engagement, amplifying brand impact, and effectively measuring success within virtual spaces. Listen for actionable insights.

What we covered

  1. Redefining Customer Engagement in the Virtual World

  2. Enhancing Brand Impact in the Virtual Space

  3. Measuring Success in the Virtual World

Live streamed on: 16th Aug 2023
Registrations: 560 (Linkedin)

Power  Speakers

Warren Woon.jpg

Warren Woon

Co-Founder CEO  Xctuality

Beth Heddle.jpg

Beth Heddle

Marketing - Emperia
London, UK 

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