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Picture of Akash Agrawal as speaker
Akash Agrawal Guest Speaker
Akash Agrawal web3 Panel Discussion

Akash stands out as a premier Web3 speaker, drawing from his illustrious tenure with global giants such as Sony, Nike, and Walmart. His expertise in Marketing, Brand Management, and Strategy, coupled with a deep dive into web3 and the metaverse, positions him uniquely to deliver enriching and transformative presentations.


Every speaking engagement is meticulously tailored: Akash invests time in discovery sessions with organizers, understanding audience nuances and crafting content that resonates, ensuring impactful and value-driven sessions.


Akash Agrawal Keynote

Keynote on web3, and emerging technology.  Industry use cases and future opportunities as part of the Sectoral Insights Deep Dive for 40K EY employees 

EY web3 Keynote

Few topics ​

web3 essentials | web3: Hype or a Strategic Imperative |  NFTs and the Creator Economy | Metaverse and web3 | Metaverse Strategy for Business leaders | NFT Strategy for Building Engaged Communities  | NFTs and Metaverse | Blockchain essentials | Power of Tokenisation  | AI - Primer for Business Leaders | AI Essentials for every Business Leader 

Televison, Podcasts, Live Events - Virtual, Physical

Akash Agrawal as guest speaker on Tokenisation
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Book Akash to deliver a talk in your conference, summit or participate in fireside chats, Linkedin Live, Linkedin Audio, Twitter spaces, podcasts, webinar or where ever your community is. Your event goals will be met.

What the audience said

Customer image

Capt Uday Sriwas
DGM JK Cement

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You are a rare combination of knowledge and humility. Technology will vastly benefit from keepers like you!

Sincere thanks for being gracious to accept our request as a speaker at Forces Network Seminar.

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Vikram Jeet Singh
Associate Partner KPMG

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Excellent session, quite relevant and there were some brilliant nuggets of knowledge on this new age topic.


Thank you Akash!

Customer image

Col (Dr) Atul Kumar
Consultant, Ex Deloitte

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Your knowledge and the manner of its transfer to any audience is a thing to emulate.

Thank you for the lovely session.

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