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Akash Agrawal

Uncover how your brand can breakthrough into web3 and the Metaverse

web3 is changing not just how we live in the world but also how we participate in it.


As the lines between virtual and real blur, a new era beckons—one powered by web3 and other emerging technologies. In this transformative landscape, virtual immersive experiences aren't a dream; they are imminent reality. 

The stakes? Monumental.


Bloomberg forecasts a staggering $800 billion Metaverse revenue by 2024. Citi elevates the narrative touching an awe-inspiring $8 trillion to $13 trillion by 2030. These aren't mere numbers; they're the heralds of a revolution.

Enter Metawrkx: Your compass in this uncharted territory. We don't just witness the metamorphosis—we catalyze it.


Our mission? To empower brands with robust web3 strategies, unlocking unparalleled growth avenues in the new decentralized, immersive world.

We decipher the complexities of web3, so you don't have to, and weave strategies that leverage immersive experiences, decentralized paradigms, and tokenized ecosystems. It's more than technology; it's a renaissance of digital possibility. Let's build you a place in the new world.

Akash Agrawal
Top web3 Voice on Linkedin | Growth & Business Strategy Consultant |🎤 Speaker | 🎙️ Podcast Host |
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web3 is

business strategy and digital transformation, rolled into one

Our consulting services will guide you to strategize, grow, and thrive in the new world of emerging tech


The de-centralised web has opened immense opportunities for brands and creators to engage with fans and followers. Have an idea? Let's build.

Areas of impact

  • Blockchain selection

  • Tokens, Tokenisation, Utilities

  • PFP / Collectibles, Marketplace

  • Immersive Experiences

  • Pricing and Roadmap


web3 requires a mindset shift from control to collaboration. Onboarding web3 skill and capabilities and access to the ecosystem is critical to success

Areas of impact

  • Team Alignment

  • Partnerships & collabs

  • Launch Strategy 

  • Creative Strategy

  • Defining web3 KPIs 


web3 projects require a long term approach, customer centricity and constant nurturing. Technology is evolving very fast and so must the roadmaps. 

Areas of impact

  • Future drops 

  • New Utilities

  • Physical integration 

  • Metaverse engagement  

  • Expansion

Development Solutions Offered

Beyond Consulting


 The Metaverse is reshaping landscapes across sectors.
Let's craft an immersive solution tailored to your needs

Virtual Retail Storefronts & eCom: Revolutionize e-commerce with engaging virtual storefronts, merging digital and physical shopping experiences seamlessly.

Real Estate & Property Showcase: Offer unparalleled property views with immersive real estate tours, bridging the gap between listings and lived experiences.

Education & Training Simulations: Enhance learning with interactive modules and professional training simulations, fostering deeper engagement and retention.

Institutional & Government Applications: Usher in a new era of governance and service delivery immersive platforms for public engagement, and collaborative initiatives. 

Increase Sales Conversions with Augmented Reality
Transform 2D content into engaging 3D web AR 

3D creation for Augmented reality
Augmented Reality - AR
virtual try-on

Elevate your brand, engage customers like never before, and leave competitors behind. Drive conversions with our cutting-edge AR technology. No app needed, customers experience the product in their environment by directly using the phone camera. 

Our set up is as easy as  1,2,3




Upload 3D models or create with our AI

Already have 3D models, simlpy upload. Dont have 3D models, no problem, upload 2D photos to create high quality 3D models with ease

Select AR technology use case

Upload the 3D models and choose between face, foot, floor, wall (etc.) tracking application.

Then, watch as your content seamlessly integrates, offering dynamic interactions for faster sales conversions

Integrate with your shopping platform

Our solution integrates with all leading eCom platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware and others. Simply insert "Try-On" button next to your product photos to let your customers try your products virtually

Empower Your ID Verification with our Global Trust Platform
Seamless Integration, Unmatched Security, Unwavering Trust.

ID verification

17+ Powerpacked tools covering all your IDV needs, from verification and screening to ongoing monitoring and risk management – we've got you covered.


Trusted by 1000+ customers in 240 territories and geographies 
150 Languages supported
Globally compliant

Verification Accuracy



Cust. Satisfaction Rate



First Time Pass Rate



Verified Identities



Not sure where to start?

Join my accalaimed
web3 Masterclass for Business Leaders for LIVE INTERACTIVE online learning 

video camera.png

The web3 Masterclass will equip you with a deep understanding of web3 technologies, NFTs, and the metaverse in a non-technical manner.

You will gain knowledge on the evolution of the internet, development of platform ecomomines of web2 and how web3 is powering new economies and business models. 

You will walk away with key skills to lead your career, and organizations into the exciting world of Web3.

Course Homepage

Find out why professionals love my masterclass

You made it easy for a non-tech person like me. My decision to enroll for the course paid-off. You kept us glued to our seats and that speaks volumes about your expertise and knowledge sharing abilities. 

              Rituparna Vats

              Head HR I People & Culture


quote mark.png

Thank you for the workshop. It was indeed informative and fantastic and worth the wait of many weeks!


The workshop exceeded my expectations.

            Rakesh Prasad

            Business Consultant


Rakesh Prasad.jpeg
quote mark.png

Thank you Akash for converting this complex and difficult to comphrened topic into bite sized simplified modules.

You were awesome!


             Archita Prasad             

             MD, Strategy & Innovation

             UPS Captal

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