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Uncover how your brand can breakthrough into web3 and the Metaverse

web3 is changing not just how we live in the world but also how we participate in it.


According to Bloomberg, the global Metaverse revenue opportunity is expected to cross $800Bn by 2024. Citi, in its report, has estimated the metaverse potential to reach $8trillion - $13trillion by 2030. Can you afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself and your organisation?

Metawrkx is born out of the need for brands to create winning strategies in web3 for long-term value creation. 

At metawrkx, I help you build your web3 strategy to leverage opportunities being created by new immersive, decentralised, and tokenisation technologies that are building a new application layer over the internet and changing our digital lives forever.


Let us take your brand where customers expect to find you, in the metaverse.


Let's build web3 skills and competencies that you will need sooner than tomorrow!

Akash Agrawal web3 Strategy
Akash Agrawal
Helping brands navigate to web3
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web3 is

business strategy and digital transformation, rolled into one

I will help you navigate and build for success


The de-centralised web has opened immense opportunities for brands and creators to engage with fans and followers. Have an idea? Let's build.

Areas of impact

  • Blockchain Selection

  • ERC Standards 

  • PFP / Card / Collectibles

  • Art, Marketplaces, Utilities 

  • Pricing and Roadmap


web3 requires a mindset shift from control to collaboration. Onboarding web3 skill and capabilities and access to the ecosysemt is critical to success

Areas of impact

  • Team Building

  • Partnerships & collabs

  • Launch Strategy 

  • Creative Strategy

  • Defining web3 KPIs 


web3 projects require a long term approach, customer centricity and constant nurturing. Technology is evolving very fast and so must the roadmaps. 

Areas of impact

  • Future drops 

  • New Utilities

  • Physical integration 

  • Metaverse engagement  

  • Expansion

Not sure where to start?

Join my accalaimed
web3 Masterclass for Business Leaders for LIVE INTERACTIVE online learning 

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The web3 Masterclass will equip you with a deep understanding of web3 technologies, NFTs, and the metaverse in a non-technical manner.

You will gain knowledge on the evolution of the internet, development of platform ecomomines of web2 and how web3 is powering new economies and business models. 

You will walk away with key skills to lead your career, and organizations into the exciting world of Web3.

Course Homepage

Find out why professionals love my masterclass

You made it easy for a non-tech person like me. My decision to enroll for the course paid-off. You kept us glued to our seats and that speaks volumes about your expertise and knowledge sharing abilities. 

              Rituparna Vats

              Head HR I People & Culture


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Thank you for the workshop. It was indeed informative and fantastic and worth the wait of many weeks!


The workshop exceeded my expectations.

            Rakesh Prasad

            Business Consultant


Rakesh Prasad.jpeg
quote mark.png

Thank you Akash for converting this complex and difficult to comphrened topic into bite sized simplified modules.

You were awesome!


             Archita Prasad             

             MD, Strategy & Innovation

             UPS Captal

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My space where I discuss web3, NFTs and the Metaverse. Emerging opportunities and learnings from various projects, execution challenges and how they can be overcome find mention in the content.

Read, share and contribute. I look forward to reading about your journey and experiences.


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