Are you building your business’s web3 skills and capacity for tomorrow?

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Metaverse is changing not just how we live in the world but also how we participate in it.


According to Bloomberg, the global Metaverse revenue opportunity is expected to cross $800Bn by 2024. Citi, in its report, has estimated the metaverse potential to reach $8trillion - $13trillion by 2030. Can you afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself and your organisation?

Metawrkx is born out of the need for brands to create winning strategies and enter the metaverse for long-term value creation. 

At metawrkx, I help you build your Metaverse and NFT strategy to leverage opportunities being created by new technologies that are building a new application layer over the internet and changing our digital lives forever.


Let's take your brand where customers expect to find you, in the metaverse. Let's build web3 skills and competencies that you will need sooner than tomorrow!

Akash Agrawal web3 Strategy
Akash Agrawal
Helping brands navigate to the metaverse
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Helping Brands, NFT Project Owners, Creators  navigate web3


 The de-centralised web has opened immense opportunities for creators and brands to engage with fans and followers. Have an idea? Lets get started.

Areas I impact

  • Blockchain Selection

  • ERC Standards 

  • PFP / Card / Collectibles

  • Art, Marketplaces, Utilities 

  • Pricing and Roadmap


web2 thinking does not work in web3. Blockchain technology makes new things possible and what was relevant up to now, redundant. Right strategy is needed for success. 

Areas I impact

  • Launch strategy 

  • Comms strategy 

  • Art finalisation

  • Partnerships & collabs.

  • Post Launch monitoring 


NFT projects require a long term approach, customer centricity and constant nurturing. Technology is evolving very fast and so must the  roadmaps. 

Areas I impact

  • Future drops 

  • New Utilities

  • IRL integration 

  • Metaverse engagement  

  • NFT Staking


Kick start your Journey to web3. 
Join my specially curated courses

It can be a little difficult to wrap one's head around blockchain, NFTs, metaverse and web3. For this reason, I have created easy-to-understand, non-technical courses. NFT Essentials is a free 60min course to help the attendees get an appreciation of the NFT space with an overview of the underlying technologies.

The course on NFT and Metaverse is curated for CXOs, corporate executives, investors and individuals with a passion to upgrade themselves. This course starts from the very basics and then helps the attendees attain a deep understanding of Blockchain, decentralised networks and smart contract functionalities. All in a non-technical way.


Attendees are then exposed to case studies from blue chip projects and top brands to help develop a deep understanding of how NFTs and the Metaverse are being leveraged to create new revenue streams and to build communities. This course is not to be missed.

Courses are delivered live online for maximum impact. Seats are limited. Reserve yours now.

NFT Masterclass

Live Online  | Limited Seats

  •  NFT Essentials - 60mins
  • NFT, Metaverse - 6hours



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