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NFT Essentials: Free Webinar 

NFT essentials free webinar

NFT essentials is a free 60 minutes webinar designed for those who would like to get a basic understanding of what are NFTs and why they are the next big thing.

The course starts with an introduction to blockchain, which is the underlying technology on which NFTs are created. The webinar then helps the audience build an appreciation of what are NFTs, how they get value before getting into the use of wallets and marketplaces where one can buy and trade in NFTs.

The webinar does not need the audience to have any technical  know-how. Key topics covered in the webinar are as below.

NFT Essentials - 60mins 

  • What is a Blockchain

  • How do blockchains work

  • What are NFTs

  • Types of NFTs

  • Blue chip NFT Projects

  • Top Marketplaces for NFTs

  • Introduction to  Wallets

  • Security and best practices

  • Researching NFT Projects

  • Acquiring NFTs – Minting

web3: MASTERCLASS for Business Leaders

NFT Metaverse Masterclass

Akash Agrawal

NFTs, Metaverse, web3

Navigating to the Future

8 hrs

This is a specially curated masterclass for those who would like to get an understanding of the NFT, Metaverse, web3  space and then take a deep dive into it. This is an exhaustive 'live online' course delivered over 5 sessions,  60-90 minutes long.

Who is it for:

The course is designed for CXOs, corporate executives, marketers, brand managers, investors, and enthusiasts. NFTs and the metaverse offer an amazing array of opportunities for brand owners, creators, celebrities, sports teams, investors and more. Thus no matter what your intent to learn, you will get a deep understanding of NFTs, metaverse and their applications in the business world.

Upcoming Session 12-16th Oct 2022

What you will learn:

  • Understand how the internet is evolving to web3.0

  • Develop a strong understanding of how blockchain technology works

  • Learn what smart contracts are and how they are powering the creator economy

  • Develop a strong understanding of NFTs and how they work

  • Learn how brands and projects are leveraging NFTs to create new revenue streams and build communities

  • Learn the process involved in setting up wallets, buying and selling NFTs

  • Learn what is the Metaverse and understand its use cases

  • Key elements of a metaverse strategy, what should you be considering

  • Emerging opportunity areas for employees and start-ups



There is no need for any technical knowledge to enroll in this course. A desire to stay relevant and charter a course into the future is all that is needed. 

Module 1 

Discover Web3 & Blockchain

  • Evolution of the web

  • What is web3

  • What is Blockchain

  • How does it work

  • Proof of Work

  • Understanding Staking

  • Proof of Stake

  • Blockchain trilemma

Module 3 

NFT Utilities and Wallets

  • What is meant by utility

  • Types of Utilities in VR and IRL

  • How to research a project

  • Understanding wallets

  • Types of Wallets and use cases

  • Wallet Security and Best Practices

  • How to mint your own NFTs

Module 2 

Dive into the NFT world

  • Understanding Smart Contracts

  • What are NFTs

  • NFT Project Showcase

  • How are NFTs created

  • ERC Standards

  • Where are the Images 

  • How NFTs get their value

  • What are marketplaces and leaderboard

Module 4

Getting ready for the Metaverse

  • What is the Metaverse

  • Technologies enabling Metaverse 

  • Metaverse applications in different industries

  • Marketing in the Metaverse

  • How to craft your metaverse strategy

  • What should business leaders be thinking 

The courses are delivered live online. The content listed above is indicative and may change to reflect the evolving trends, technologies. The exact schedule will be communicated well in advance. No investment or trading advise is provided.  

A sneak peak into the masterclass

Few voices on Linkedin

"Thank you Akash! It was very good learning!"


Feroze Mohammed

Founder & CEO

VR headset

Attending CXOs, Business Leaders From 

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