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Mastering web3 for Business Innovation



Metaverse may be virtual, but the impact it is having is real.


Level up your web3 skills in via this cohort based live & interactive online learning and get ready to lead your career and organisation into web3

Your Host
Akash Agrawal as course guide

Akash Agrawal

Top web3 Voice | Top AI Voice | AI, web3, Metaverse Advisor and Growth Strategist | ex- Nike, Sony, Walmart | ISB Alum

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This course is for you if...


You are a business leader and you must ensure that your organisation stays ahead of the curve and leverages emerging technologies for cometitive advantage


You are expected to lead or you wish to get on the team that is tasked with implimenting your organisations web3 initiative 


You wish to upskill and stay relevant as web3 technologies and applications create the new iteration of the internet and impact businesses and careers  

What you will get out of this course...

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of web3 and its role in creating new economies and economic models

Learn about the cutting-edge technologies that power web3 and learn how they are enabling decentralized, secure, and efficient transactions

Acquire practical knowledge of real-world use cases from brands and web3 projects and develop the ability to apply these insights to your own industry or domain.

Certificate on completion of the course to show that you have upgraded your skills to web3

FREE proof of attendance protocol NFT 

FREE Beginners Guide to NFTs. A highly acclaimed ebook.  

Lifetime community membership for ongoing peer learning and early access to future courses, initiatives  

The course roadmap

4-5hrs/week for 2 weekends
9am-11am IST
No technical knowledge required

The course is split into eight modules. The journey builds from the evolution of the internet, navigates through the underlying technologies, weaves its way to the development of the creator economy, takes multiple pit stops to analyse blue chip projects and initiatives from Global brands before taking a dive into the metaverse.  

Along the way, participants learn the web3 ropes with hands on activites to help develop a first hand experience of web3 functionalities and friction points so they can build customer friendly web3 solutions. The modules are as follows.


Evolution of the Internet - From information econom to creator economy


Blockchain - What is blockchain, how does it work and how does it enable decentralization


Smart Contracts  - What are they, how do they work and how do they enable transactions in a decentralised world


NFTs  - What are NFTs, how do they get value. Multiple mini case studies from blue chips projects and global brands to appreciate use cases


NFT Trading  - How do NFT transactions work. How to build successful NFT initiatives to drive customer engagemnt 


Metaverse  - What is the metaverse and where is it headed. Mini cases from brands on how they have leveraged the Metaverse to build community and drive engament in the virtual and the real world 


Metaverse Applicaitions - What are the different application of the metverse. Dive into differnet metaverse worlds for a first hand understanding and appreciation of metavese uses cases and how they are impacting businesses


Strategy  - How is web3 strategy different from web2. Strategy frameworks and how to build a successfull strategy in web3. How do you measure success?

See what people are saying

Student image

Thank you for the workshop. It was indeed informative and fantastic and worth the wait of many weeks!


The workshop exceeded my expectations.

            Rakesh Prasad

            Business Consultant


quote mark

Thank you Akash! It was very good learning. You are a guru!

            Feroze Mohmamd 


            Cognida AI

Student image
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You made it easy for a non-tech person like me. My decision to enroll for the course paid-off. You kept us glued to our seats and that speaks volumes about your expertise and knowledge sharing abilities. 

              Rituparna Vats

              Head HR I People & Culture


Student image
quote mark

Wonderful sessions Akash!

Now I feel I am more relevant for the future with the understanding of blockchain technologies and NFTs.

             Gampala Sridhar              


             AgriApp Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Student image

Thank you Akash for converting this complex and difficult to comphrened topic into bite sized simplified modules.

You were awesome!


             Archita Prasad             

             MD, Strategy & Innovation 

             UPS Captal

student image
quote mark

Amazing Sessions, Akash!

             Arup Ray              

             Global Head (S4/HANA CoE)


quote mark
student image

Thank you Akash for the wonderful sessions!

I can now relate to web3 world better!

             Raghu Babu Gunturu              



quote mark
student image

Great Primer to web3.

Really loved the strategy module. It has really made me think about strategy for web3 from a very different perspective 

             Pankaj Mirchandi              


             Ultra Prolink

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Some of the brands represented in the class

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PWC logo
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Course Fee

Purchasing power parity keeps the course affordable for everyone.


You may use pricing based on your region of residence. I used burgernomics! (Big Mac index) as an inspiration to arrive at the pricing, so it remains more, shall we say, palatable! 

Pricing Type
dollar currency
euro currency
Pound currency icon
rupee currency icon

Pricing subject to change without notice

Get in touch for group pricing 

Upcoming Cohort TBA (course runs on weekends)

Last date to enroll: 7 days before start date

This a 100% risk free investment!

Money Back guarantee

If you attended all the sessions, actively participated and still did not find the course valuable, then I will be happy to give you a full refund.


Just let us know within three days from the end of the course. No questions asked.

A sneak peak into the masterclass

Meet your instructor

Akash Agrawal
hand wave to welcome reader

Akash Agrawal

Hi! I'm Akash

Thank you for considering my course.


I am an ISB alum and a experienced business leader with a passion for building brands and driving growth. 

When I entered web3, I found it very difficult to find good content, and when I did find something, it was scattered and mostly without any links to the buiness world. So I took the matter in my own hands and decided to create a masterclass for corporate executives that they could realte to. 


Over the past two decades I have held senior leadership positions with Global Fortune 100 brands, providing me with invaluable exposure to brand building, marketing, strategy and leading businesses. I have led these functions/divisons at Sony, Nike and Walmart.


As your instructor for this web3 masterclass, I am excited to share my knowledge and help you fine-tune your ideas and strategize roadmaps to launch web3  projects.


Metaverse is imminent. I will help you claim your place in the exciting new world!

Welcome to my course - Mastering web3 for Busines Innovation. I look forward to seeing you in the class!

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Let's learn! 

Questions? Ping me

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