NFT Masterclass




4 weeks


About the Course

Who is it for:

The course is designed for corporate executives, marketers, brand managers, CXOs, university graduates, investors and enthusiasts. NFTs offer an amazing array of opportunities for brand owners, creators, traders and investors. Thus no matter what your intent to learn is, you will get a deep appreciation of NFTs and their applications.

What can I expect to learn:

Course starts from the very basics of blockchain and builds upwards. No technical knowledge is needed for the course and the content is specially designed for non-technical audience. The course covers the following topics.

Week 1 - Discover Blockchain

  • What is blockchain

  • Consensus, Provenance, Immutability, Finality

  • Different Blockchain Solutions

  • Challenges faced and solutions

Week 2 - Dive into the NFT world

  • Introduction to NFTs

  • Types of NFTs

  • ERC Standards

  • Copy Paste Problem

  • Where are the images

  • How NFTs get their Value

  • Blue Chip Projects and Marketplaces

  • NFTs and the Metaverse

  • Brands and NFTs

Week 3 – NFT Utilities and Wallets

  • What is meant by utility

  • Types of Utilities in VR and IRL

  • How to research a project

  • Understanding wallets

  • Types of Wallets and use cases

  • Wallet Security and Best Practices

Week 4 – Getting ready for first purchase

  • Metamask Set up

  • Polygon integration with Metamask

  • How to charge your wallet

  • Minting NFTs

  • Secondary purchases, Sales, trades

  • Get your first NFT free

Content is evolving continuously and is likely change. No financial advise is given during the course.

Your Instructor

Akash Agrawal

Akash Agrawal

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