NFT Essentials




60 minutes


About the Course

NFT essentials is a free 60 minutes course designed for those who would like to get a basic understanding of what are NFT and why they are the next big thing.

The course starts with an introduction to blockchain, which is the underlying technology on which the NFT are created. The course then helps the audience build an appreciation of what are NFTs, how they get value before getting into the use of wallets and marketplaces where one can buy and trade in NFTs.

The course does not need the audience to have any technology know how. Key topics covered in the course are as below.

  • What is blockchain

  • How do blockchaina work

  • What are NFTs

  • Types of NFTs

  • How NFTs get Value

  • Wallets and Types

  • Security and best practices

  • Top Marketplaces

  • Researching Projects

  • Acquiring NFTs – Minting, Secondary Purchase

This course is conducted from time to time to let more and more people learn about this amazing new world as is gets built. Content displayed above may change as this is an every evolving area.

Do register to show your interest and I will get back to you once the next session is planned.

No financial advise is given.

Your Instructor

Akash Agrawal

Akash Agrawal

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